my deets


This is one of the hardest things to write. Who am I? 

I am many things to many people. I’m a mom to my two dogs. I’m an assistant to my boss. I’m a loyal friend. Devoted lover.

I’m also a divorcee of 3 years now and I don’t regret a single moment of doing it. Living a lie, walking on eggshells, and pretending your marriage is something it’s not, isn’t any life at all.

I’m not new to blogging and some of you may remember me from years back. I started blogging about my dog back in 2010. I had several blogs along the way and even my own small business as a Web Designer. I left that all behind, including many social media platforms when my life changed. 

I needed time to find me. I wasn’t sure who this almost 50 year old woman was anymore. I found my strength, some of my old self and redefined who I was going to be.

And here I am.

I debated blogging again and who knows if I’ll keep up with it, but I decided to give it shot. I promise to not conform to the rules. 🙂

why cheez-its & olives?

Because they are my two favorite things, other than my two beautiful pit bulls. 

I wanted a quirky, playful blog name that people would look at and be like “Wha…..?” Maybe intrigue them to pop on over and check out my ramblings. 

Now is when I thank you for following along with me, chatting, and networking with me and for sharing your experiences as well. It’s all about communicating and building friendships. Let’s get this party started y’all!

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