it’s just the little things in life

Just another installment of random thoughts from my head.

That’s what my blog is for. Sharing my thoughts and passions with the world. You may like it or not but that is your perogative.

That things that make you tick, happy, or motivated may be much different than mine, and that’s alright. We should be individualized in this way. That’s what makes us unique in a world of shambles.

Still working remotely due to COVID. Sometimes ya gotta take your office outside.

life post divorce

I haven’t written much about my divorce of three (3) years ago or how it all came about. At one time I thought I would share it with you and that it may be therapeutic. However, when I sat down to start writing, I found it wouldn’t be therapeutic. It would actually be detrimental to my mental health and my happiness. So, I’ll just leave you with this.

When you are able to do things on your own, your way, without being judged or criticized, it means a lot!

When you find out that you were fully capable of doing things just as well or better than someone else, you will get a very satisfying feeling. Almost a feeling of gloat. It’s a happy feeling that only you can enjoy and understand.

That’s why I’m writing today.

Three (3) years post divorce and I’ve found out that I’ve had the power all along. I was and am fully capable of many things others thought I wasn’t. And I love it!

home improvements

When you have a home that is all yours and no one can take it from you but the mortgage company, you may feel a sense of pride.

I do!

I amaze myself at every little home improvement I accomplish on my own.

It’s a sense of pride and strength.

Recently I decided that I wanted two (2) more trees in my yard. I’m not a gardener. I don’t like playing with all those bugs in the dirt. But, I needed two (2) more trees to even out my yard.

I managed to get a hold of two (2) baby red maple trees. Maples are my favorite!

Two new baby red maple trees planted!

I planted them, mulched and water them, and pray for them to take off!

The one seemed like it wasn’t going to amount to nothing. And being the impatient person that I am, I decided to yank it.

Thankfully, I found on the side of my shed, a taller red maple in the making! Thank goodness for friends who are environmentalists!

It was suggested to not uproot this guy until Fall.

Again, my impatient self can’t wait that long.

So, I transplanted this weekend. Even went to the store this morning (I’m not a morning person), and bought more mulch for my baby trees.

Happy to find this baby next to my shed. Transplanted and praying it will grow.

It’s the little things, seriously. Planting these trees has tickled me pink.

Knowing these trees will grow and shed more shade in my yard for my dogs, makes me delighted.

Knowing that I did this all on my own (which I wasn’t allowed to do before), makes it that much better!

I’m making my home mine!

It’s fantabulous!

Two (2) years ago, I redid my front deck. The wood was deteriorating quickly and I feared an incident happening.

I loaded the wood into my Jeep.

Two (2) feet of it sticking out my passenger side window and hauled it home.

I bought a circular saw for cutting wood. A couple saw horses would be needed too. Borrowed a sawzaw from my boss. And got to it!

I did it on my own, without criticism or backlash.

And then I stained it.

This year I decided to tear off the yukky sides to my back deck and replaced with lattice. Thankfully, a friend was able to deliver the lattice to me. Would never have been able to strap it to my Jeep safely.

I got the power tools out and got to it! And I love it!

it’s amazing what you can accomplish

There are people who don’t want to see you succeed.

They want to hold you back from bettering yourself.

They don’t want you to be happy, but yet miserable like themselves.

Break free from those negative nellies. They only want to keep you down.

Happiness is Empowering!

We, especially women, need to empower ourselves and make our own happiness.

We don’t need a partner to make us happy.

You need to be happy without yourself first before you can be happy with anyone else.

But I’m sure you knew all this and then found yourself in an unhealthy, unhappy situation like I did.

Cutting those chains and breaking free is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself.

Don’t allow others to control your life.

Don’t allow others to control your fate.

And damn sure don’t allow them to control your freedom.

You know what I’m talking about.

When you get to the point that the little things mean the most to you in life, you are truly at peace with yourself.

When you feel happiness in your heart and mind nothing can stop you.

let’s hear from you

What brings you happiness in life?

Are you currently happy with yourself?

Were you at a low point and eventually able to take back your life and find happiness?

I’d love for you to share with me.

Until next time…..

Peace & Love xox

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4 thoughts on “it’s just the little things in life

  1. Brenda, that is awesome that you did your own deck!! I’d love to learn how. I just used the tractor to cut the lawn here for maybe the last time. I had almost forgotten as I hadn’t much in a few years but it’s like riding a bike.
    I bet there is nothing you can’t do now and I’m sure you have a lot more confidence πŸ™‚ that is so great and way to go!

    1. Hey Lisa. Heck, it doesn’t take much to saw wood and screw it together. If the noise didn’t bother Duchess so much, I might attempt to make me some tables and such. πŸ˜‰ Lil girl on a big tractor. Now that is picture worthy! You’ll have to get Pete to take one next time! Like you, I’m strong and when I put my mind to something, there is generally no stopping me. Confidence is a great thing, as long as I don’t get too cocky! πŸ˜‰

  2. Hey Brenda, I totally enjoyed reading your “random thoughts” this evening. You are so right that doing something you thought you couldn’t or someone else thought you couldn’t means a whole lot of accomplishment in my book.

    Praying for your “lil” trees to take root and grow big and strong. Have a great new week coming up. ❀

    1. Thanks, Monna. I’ve always been about the little things but more so now that I’m single. Every new thing I do is an achievement for it and makes me happy. Heck, just having peace in my life keeps me happy. Thanks for the prayers on my trees. This coming fall I’m thinking of planting some lilacs out front of my house. Can’t wait! Great to see you and thanks for your support!

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