do we continue to try and educate?

I posed this thought on my social media outlets this morning. I’m hoping to get some good responses so I can share with you later, however, I want your thoughts.

do we continue to try and educate

I’m sure you’re thinking, “what the hell is she talking about?”

Could be a multitude of topics I could be covering with this, right?

But since I’m working from home today and listening to NewsMax, a gazillion thoughts are going through my head.

close-minded folks

It’s no secret to any of us. There are those who are open-minded and those who are close-minded. Nowadays, it seems folks are more closed to other opinions. It’s though, there opinion is the only one that matters.

These folks are seriously missing out!

I am a very open-minded person. I hear others out and try to understand where they are coming from.

I want to hear all sides of a story. You know, there is the left-side, the right-side, and the truth.

I’m open to all of that.

BUT, many are not.

These are the folks that I’ve been trying to educate, or at least shed some light on.

They have blinders on to so many things that are happening in their own life and our world.

But when do you give up trying to educate them?

When do you give up and say “I can’t care any longer. You figure it out the hard way?”

social media is the same

In today’s world, social media has become a powerful figure. Some how, they became a GOD, or so many of them think.

Just like the news and radio stations.

There are those who share one side of the story and others who actually try and share both sides.

This is where a battle begins and divide happens.

People want to know the truth, for the most part.

When there are only hearing one side of the story, they believe this to be truth.

However, what about the other side?

Why do so many close their ears and minds to the other side?

Is it easier for them to chose one side and not confuse themselves?

Is it easier for them to only allow themselves to see one view?

Can you see where some are missing out?

If you’re not open to “alternatives”, you’re not getting the whole story.

You’re living in a bubble of your own reality.

I guess this can be good in a sense.

i have my own bubble

I choose to pop out of my bubble every now and again to hear both sides of a story.

Then I crawl back into my bubble, my happy place where I control everything, and digest what I’ve heard.

Once I digest it, I like to share what I’ve found out. The left, the right, and my decipher.

Is this not a good thing to do?

Would you not want to hear someone else’s thoughts on life issues?

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Or are you a close-minded person?

It doesn’t have to be current events. It could be anything as simple as decided on what kind of pepper to get for your dinner? Green bell pepper or red? How did you base your decision on your choice?

If we can’t discuss things and listen to all sides, we will never live a happy and fulfilled life.

Having blinders on will only impede you.

at some point, you gotta say the hell with it

No matter how much you don’t want to, you have to.

Let them learn on their own.

Some folks are so dense it’s not worth your time.

Don’t be one of those.

Open your mind and heart to “alternatives”.

At least hear out all sides.

Then base your decision on educated facts, not emotion.

You’ll be a much better person for it.

Peace and love xox

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4 thoughts on “do we continue to try and educate?

  1. Educating people who haven’t asked first hasn’t been very effective for me. Even when answering questions I am circumspect regarding the questioner’s motives. Many are looking to feed on some drama energy or want confirmation of their own understanding.

    As far as I can tell experience is usually the best teacher, if a bit messy. Sometimes though a Socratic approach can be effective. I feel just getting back to courteous conversation would be a huge win for all of us.

    1. I understand what you’re saying, Eric. Totally. Experience is a very good teacher and I one I like. I think learning and researching for ourselves is key. As far as courteous conversation, I doubt we’ll ever be able to get there with people who don’t think like ourselves. Very sad.

  2. Hey Brenda, I guess I’m one of those who lives in my own little bubble. I’ve never been one to argue with anyone about politics or religion. I have my own beliefs and I know enough for myself but to debate with someone on issues, “It ain’t gonna happen.” I know they say that people need to speak up in order for things to change. Bypass me, 😦

    1. Nothing wrong with living in your own bubble as long as you’re not confrontational with others about their beliefs. Which, you pretty much said you’re not. Having a bubble is good, I think. I love my bubble. Like I said, I come out long enough to reap all the worldly views, express a few of my own, and retreat to my bubble when it gets too bad. If I could build a way around my property, I would, only to allow select individuals with VIP passes in. 😉 Great to see ya gf!

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