distractions are just that…

I haven’t blogged in quite some time.

Every time I wanted to start, I got distracted. Whether it be a distraction at my own home, the media, or current events, it happened.

I’m trying to blog now with an abundance of emotions running through my head.

There is so much happening in our America, it makes one head spin!

Let me run it down for you.


It’s been over a years since the COVID pandemic started. How I feel now, versus then, it totally different. I know we all have our opinions and beliefs and COVID topics end up being argumentative, but……

I’m so over it!

The push to get vaccines continues to rise.

New cases and deaths continue.

But now we have deaths coming from getting the vaccines!

Does this sound right?

distractions are just that

Today is May 5th. I started this post mid April. See how “life” happens?

When I started this post, I was in kind of a bad spot.

Life is frustrating.

Not my personal life but life in America is.

The hatred is escalating and the only thing I can do is to be a voice for those who aren’t hateful.

Not all white folks are racists.

No are black folks.

But there are a few groups out there that are so full of hatred, they can’t stand life in general.

These are the ones I need to keep out of my bubble.

my personal bubble

I talk to my man-friend all the time about how great my personal bubble is.

It is so much better than it was 3 years ago.

Post marriage life has been a struggle in some ways but I managed to finally find my happy place.

Things are good in my bubble.

There is no drama.

It’s not allowed.

I only allow those I want to enter.

That is my God-given right.

Others may try to bust the bubble and drag me down with them.

It’s not allowed.

The bubble cannot be burst for I have the power to control it.

It’s impenetrable to so many.

They may even envy my ability to have such a beautiful bubble.

but guess what

You can have your own bubble too.

Tune off the news.

Tune out social media.

You have the power to do this.

If you don’t want to give those up, have the power to control WHO you allow into your circle.

I ditched cable tv.

I am more peaceful now.

I control what I allow on my tv.

I diched negative people on my social media outlets, including long-time friends.

I am at peace with my decision.

I did this for me and my sanity.

and you can too

Make a list of your distractions, your dislikes.

Slowly, weed them out.

Block em!

Delete em!

No explanations needed.

Regain YOUR life.

It’s not so easy until you start doing it. Then you’ll wonder why you never did.

Take back your strength.

Don’t allow them to steal your sparkle anymore.

Let me know what progress you make.

distractions are just that

Rid yourself of them.

Peace & Love xox

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6 thoughts on “distractions are just that…

  1. Hi Bren, I’ve been deleting apps on my phone lately. Fewer notifications and less drama. I deleted the FB app and only kept the business one I manage for client work.
    It makes me feel younger not being so connected 24/7 like the good old days before mobile devices and social media. It’s freeing! I guess I’m keeping my sparkle 🙂

    1. Hey Lisa. Good for you! I’ve done the same. Even turned notifications off on some I still have. I still have yet to delete FB app. I enjoy sharing my pup pics there but hope someday to venture away from it totally. I can agree on the feeling younger too! I’ve found that I want to go back to more old school type things. To be honest, if Xfinity Mobile had a flip phone, I would get it. Just can’t continue to stay so glued to the phone and social. It’s so depressing, except for my good friends like you. Keep that sparkle, girl! And keep shining! 🙂

  2. Hi Brenda,
    Great post. I pretty much unplugged myself from TV news and social media the month I was up north. Now that I’m back, I’m still not online like I used to be. I check email and unfortunately still check FB but that’s about it. I haven’t gone through my friends list on FB but I will probably do that very soon.

    I agree with you. You have to be the one to control what enters your “safe space” because no one else will filter it out for you.

    Have a great weekend and I look forward to your next post. ❤

    1. Hi Monna!

      I bet you enjoyed that break! I know since I’m spending less time on social, I feel better. But I have taken control of my outlets and only see what I want to. I had to do that for my sanity.

      I wish I could get on a blogging schedule, but that too is social and would mean I’m flowing rules that I don’t want to follow. Walking to my own beat feels good and I need to learn to not apologize for it.

      Sorry I missed your show! I’ll be checking in soon! Take care!

  3. Turning it all off is so cathartic Bren. I have not read a news item in about 6 months, if not longer. Everything you see on the news based in fear – aka 100% of news – is an illusion, meaning, it is not real or true. But human beings with fear in their mind believe in illusions and co-create bizarre ideas, aka, the world we see today, aka, the hell of fear.

    The only way to change ourselves is to conquer our minds, by our own inner journey, and that happens in a quiet room. Truth serum, sitting in quiet is, because we see our mind as it is, feel and release fears, then live from love and harmony, rarely if ever turning to fear or distractions again.


  4. Hi Ryan. You’re right! Congrats on not watching the news! I do watch some. I do want to stay informed but don’t necessarily believe everything I see or hear. A lot of what is being presented is fear based and people fall for it. Well you know, the government nite need journalist lie. 😆

    I try to educate folks but think I’m finally at the point that I don’t care. I have to look out for my own, like you. I love my bubble I’ve created. It’s my safe place. My happy place. Sitting outside in nature is therapeutic for me. Happy is where I want to stay and make efforts daily to keep it that way.

    Great to see you here!

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