it’s a great world when you have options

I’ve always said, “the more people I meet, the more I love dogs (especially, my dogs)”.

This not only includes people in public who I can walk away from and never see again, but those online as well. With Americans at odds against one another, you can really see how truly ugly people are. It’s no wonder why so many people become loners. People can truly suck!

but this isn’t what i wanted to talk about

What I want to talk about today, is options. I’m talking social media options or alternatives.

Most of us know about all the censoring that has been happening on Twitter and Facebook (mainly). It’s also happening on Instagram as well, which I deleted a month or so ago.

If you don’t know about the censorship and the biased news that is being shared, I let you in on a secret, try NewsMax or One American News Network (Oan). You may be surprised at what you hear.

alternatives are great

I’m going to share a quick list with you so you can check out some alternatives to the normal, censored social media platforms. You’ll have to try them out for yourself as what I may like, you might not like.

Remember, not all platforms are created equally. So you will need to spend at least a few weeks to figure out if you like a platform or not.

Also, your experience is going to be only as good as what you put into it. You can’t register and let your account sit. Fill out your bio, add a picture to represent yourself, and start gabbing away. Mind you, if you are a bit timid or shy, you may find this difficult but remember this, you’re sitting behind a computer screen or your phone. These people don’t know you so be creative!

facebook alternatives


This is one of my new favs. Mewe is set up a lot like Facebook. It has the same options and you can post publicly or just to your contacts. There are pages to follow (i.e., News) and groups to join (i.e., dogs). Another one of the great things is NO ADS! I hate that on Facebook!

What is Mewe according to Mewe?

MeWe is the rapidly growing high integrity social network with all the social features people love along with no ads, no targeting, and no newsfeed manipulation. MeWe members own their data and are customers to serve and delight, and their data is #Not4Sale to advertisers, marketers, or politicians. Built on principles of trust, control and love…

Revival Social

I was on Revival Social for a little while. It almost looks exactly like Facebook and has all the features. No ads, no tracking, and total privacy are a plus! However, I was trying to trim down my new social media alternatives and let this one go.

What is Revival Social?

Tired of being censored by Big Tech? We were fed up, too! We decided to launch Revival Social to truly revive social media from censorship, and promote our 1st amendment right, for all. This is a free speech zone! We are still in BETA stage but are working hard to make Revival the best social media platform for free thinkers


I only spent a couple weeks here and it has all the same functionality of Facebook. It’s another Free site just like the ones above and could be a good alternative for some.

What is Wimkin?

Wimkin is a very user-friendly website and app that resembles Facebook to a great extent. The creator Jason Sheppard has made it its mission to enable people to post anything and share anything without being hounded by censorship police or entangled in a host of privacy guidelines and protocols.

twitter alternatives


Gab is another favorite of mine, however, when I first registered I was skeptical. I got a not so fuzzy feeling because there are a lot of political posts. However, if you join up in the many groups, you will find yourself checking your Gab account more often. Some of the groups I am a member of are Dogs (of course), Classic Cars, Good Morning Brigade, Guns of Gabs, and a few others.

I just had to give Gab another chance and I’m glad I did. I’m meeting some pretty cool peeps and making some new friends!

What is Gab?

A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online.


This is my favoritist platform! Is that even a word? Minds is like Twitter and Facebook combined. It’s very easy to navigate, post, and subscribe to others. The people on Minds are super friendly so I do highly recommend you give this one a shot. There are a variety of topics to follow along and talk to others about. Cooking, photography, politics, news, inspiration, etc.

The other cool thing about Minds is the ability to earn and give tokens. I haven’t really gotten into this part of it too much yet but am looking forward to finding out more.

What is Minds?

Minds is an alt-tech blockchain-based social network. Users can earn money or cryptocurrency for using Minds, and tokens can be used to boost their posts or crowdfund other users. Minds has been described as more privacy-focused than mainstream social media networks. 


Parler is the last alternative that I can recommend to you. Although I’m no longer on the platform, I do have several friends who are.

My good friend, Lisa, has written about Parler and even has a tutorial for it. So instead of me rambling about it, find out more about Parler here —> It’s Time to Notice That Parler is Growing By Millions As It Returns!

having options is great

There are many more alternatives and tutorials out there for these platforms. The biggest thing about the Facebook and Twitter alternatives is free speech. Mind you, “free speech” doesn’t mean anything goes. There are still guidelines to follow but are very much more lenient and “middle of the line” than the other popular two.

i feel it’s my duty to share alternatives with you

Why stay on a platform where the content makes you miserable?

Why stay on a platform where you can’t speak your mind without getting “flagged” or “banned”?

Why not try something new where your voice is appreciated and the 1st Amendment is respected?

How likely are you give one or more the above alternatives a try?

Peace & Love xox

15 thoughts on “it’s a great world when you have options

  1. Hi Bren, I’m really liking Minds as well and MeWe.
    Facebook was the worst for arguing with others and feeling like I was in a fishbowl. I’m happier not being on there personally and only for business. I don’t miss Twitter as much as I thought, though I go on from time to time. It’s just not the same anymore.
    The sad part is everything turns political no matter what you post about these days. I miss the days when not everything was political 😦 But I’m glad we have so many options today!

    1. Hey Lisa! I’m with ya! It took some time with both site but I am enjoying them. You’re right about Facebook and Twitter. Matter of fact, I do still have Facebook but am barely on there now and removed the app from my phone. I only use the web version. Thought that may help in the all the tracking they do. Thinking of doing the same with Twitter. Twitter actually sux now imo. I removed almost all the political crap and the lack of conversations happening there is disappointing. That is one major thing I love about Mewe, Minds, and Gab. Lots of convo and just not political. Like you, definitely glad to have options and I do get excited when I find a new one! Thanks for sharing, Lisa! Enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Bren, Minds and MeWe are turning into my social media favorites these days. Oddly, deleting my accounts on Twitter or Facebook I am getting more traffic to my blog from each. Instagram was fading away for me already. Really only went there for my daughter’s artwork. Besides, it’s more fun to see her work when we video conference.
    Nice to have options.

    1. Hi Eric! I’m glad to see you are enjoying what life has to offer outside of Big Tech. That’s interesting to hear that you’re now getting more traffic! Is that from the alternative sites or are you on Triberr or another like that? IG was one of my favs. I shared my dog pics and air fryer meals there. I really liked it. But then I started seeing political stuff and the “fact check” banners and stuff. I had a enough of it. I bet seeing your daughter via video conf makes a huge difference indeed! Fabulous!

      Definitely great to have options! Hope to catch up with on on Minds and Mewe!

      1. Hi Bren, The traffic is from FB and Twitter though getting a little from Minds, as far as Social Media goes. Haven’t done anything like Triberr. I suspect making an effort to genuinely connect with people on their blogs or forums topically related to my blog is partly responsible.

        Being a bit of a fringe dweller by nature it was just a matter of time before I let go of Big Tech/Brother anyways. Haha.


        1. Connecting on blogs is a great way to communicate and entice them back to your blog. I do like keeping in touch via other outlets as I don’t post often on my blog. I do make my blog rounds to others sites and comments but something just like to shout a “Hey, how ya doing?” on like Minds or Mewe. It’s all about connections and making friendships for me.

          Take care, Eric!

    1. I bet that was an amazing feeling! I am deleting my account today. With having Minds and Gab, I honestly don’t see the need any longer. Thanks for dropping your link! I’ll hop on over and say “Hello!” 🙂

  3. The only one from this list I know is MeWe and I opened an account there long ago. Lost interest, because there was little interaction. It does seem to be more popular now. Always good to have alternatives! As a non-American, I haven’t experienced any censorship issues and Facebook ads were banished long ago, with the FBP app.

    1. Hi Debbie! Welcome back! I lost interest at first with Mewe but joined a few groups and now it’s my sanctuary where I can control everything. 😉 I do like alternatives. It’s like years ago when I was on a hunt for the best blog reader! I love trying something new and I don’t like being restrained to one thing. What is the FBP app? Do tell, girl!

      1. Fluff Busting Purity. It’s an app that gets rid of all the annoying stuff on Facebook. Unfortunately, it only works on PC and not mobile, but I mostly use my laptop, anyway. Here’s the link:

        1. There’s also a website, but Facebook won’t allow their link (aha! the censorship you mentioned.)

        2. Ahh… thank you! Very interested in giving that one a shot! Thanks, Debbie! You rock!

  4. Hey Bren, Loved visiting your blog for the first time. I also like the idea of “not following” SEO and all that stuff. It takes the fun out of writing for me. I think I’ll start checking out the places you recommended above. I stopped all social sites except for FB a few months ago. Might be time to test the waters out again.

    I have started a new blog myself but I just haven’t hit that “publish” button yet.

    Have a great new year and I’ll return to visit when you make your next post. 🙂

    1. Hi Monna! I’m soooo happy to see you here and thank you! Seriously, all those “rules” of blogging to jump through and I said “nope, not doing it”. I’m writing what I want and how I want to. I pay for my site. Not no one else. It’s my world, ya know? I can’t wait for you to hit the PUBLISH button on your blog! I loved your writing before. Just take the plunge and do it. Go no rules and post whenever you feel like it. No pressures. That’s how I’m doing it and it’s working for me fairly well.

      I hope if you test new social waters, you find something more than FB. I will say, there are other options out there for publishing your blog and for your Paparazzi! Let me know where you go so we can hook up! 😉

      Thank you again for stopping by! I appreciate you and our friendship! 🙂

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