when you just can’t say anything positive

you are better off not blogging at all.

it’s been awhile since i posted

and it’s definitely not for lack of something to say or write about. It’s about not having anything positive to say.

Ya see, this years Presidential election has thrown many for a loop. Regardless of whom you voted for, the world, our America, is in turmoil.

The administration says they are promoting unity, however, if you listen to their press conferences, read their tweets and such, it’s far from unity.

Jobs are being taken away from American’s causing a greater unemployment status. People are in debt and possibly losing their homes due to lack of income.

COVID is still around, but I honestly don’t feel it’s as big a hype as it was 6 months ago. I can see now that some of the hype was incited by mainstream media (MSM) to create panic and fear worldwide.

You can’t get straight answers from anyone at the top, whom we are supposed to be able to trust.

you can’t

Even those in the white house have fear and have fencing all around the once beautiful white house.

it’s a disgrace

What our America is becoming scares the hell out of me and more so because not everyone can see the destruction that lies ahead.

  • Lack of jobs
  • Jobs moving out of America again
  • Resources such as gas, oil, and electricity increasing double or triple
  • Of course, along with that comes an increase in our food products
  • Increase in clothing and shoes
  • Let us not forget the increase to our taxes, property taxes, state and federal taxes
  • I can’t leave out medical care and our prescriptions

It seems so many things that most were grateful for in the past is being ripped away from us and not for the good.

i said i can’t say anything positive

Don’t read on if you disagree with me for I refuse to be censored. In today’s America, freedom of speech is being ripped away from us.

It is alright to deface the American flag, destroy property which is not our own, and steal from our neighbors and fellow stores.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

See, I will allow you freedom of speech here, as long as you as respectful. If you disrespect me, I will not have it. This is my cozy place on the internet and I will rule here.

This is not Facebook or Twitter censoring the rightist. This is my home censoring non-Patriotic words and actions.

I am and will forever standup for what is right and wrong. America is a good place and can be better if the right people take lead.

We cannot continue to hold grudges and look at the past.

We cannot continue to push blame where you think it belongs, even if it doesn’t.

We need to unify and keep our freedom.

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom to live our lives without dictatorship
  • Freedom to come and go from our own homes as we please
  • And Freedom to watch what the hell we want on our on television sets, as we pay for that service

ya see, i can’t say anything positive

as I have been beating down my those who refuse to respect me and respect my beliefs.

Beaten down, yet not beat!

I am a survivor and will continue to be until the day I pass and if that is fighting for my liberties, so be it.

i can think of one thing positive

I am still alive and as of today, still FREE!

~Peace & Love xox

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14 thoughts on “when you just can’t say anything positive

  1. Hi Bren, everyone should be able to state their opinions without getting attacked. Civilized debate seems to have fallen out of fashion these days! 😦 That said, there’s so much more to life than politics, and, sadly, people are destroying friendships over it. Here’s something I wrote in a meme recently:
    “Find your happy place in life and don`t be consumed by bitterness over politics. Life is too fucking short!” The older one gets, the more this is appreciated. Hang in there, my friend! ❤

    1. Well said, Debbie! I have lost several “friends”/acquaintances since our Obama era. That was the beginning of it all for me. The past 4 years were even worse for losing those in my life. And now, well, you’re right. There is more to politics but when neither side wants to budge, I guess you go separate ways. I don’t know where we all go from here. I know it just didn’t affect the USA, it affects everyone. Very sad…. I’m willing to keep moving forward with blogging and life but I’ll never surrender. 😊

      Appreciate you sharing. Love your meme! BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🎂

      1. But, why does it have to be that way, Bren? You can still be friends with people despite different philophies. Case in point, my best friend (since 1970) is a staunch conservative and devout Roman Catholic. I’m a liberal Atheist, yet, we have never had a falling out. Why do people take these differences personally? 🤔 I just don’t get it!

        1. I guess some are not willing to compromise. I had a few folks that there was no talking to them because “they were right” and that was that. I’ve been called names for what I believe was right. I believe if they were truly a friend we could meet middle way. Some would rather part. My biggest thing is I will not be disrespected for the way I believe. No one should. I respect your beliefs, you respect mine. Don’t degrade someone. It’s very sad.

  2. Hi Bren, Wow, I hear you on this one. It’s difficult today because politics affects everything in the US today. Even the virus is political. So I have friends who are fearful of the virus and won’t go out. They can’t believe I go out to eat, etc. It becomes harder and harder to maintain those friendships. It was never like this before. It’s hard to have a conversation that doesn’t turn political, even the weather today is political. Right? 😦
    My parents were involved behind the scenes in politics for 50 years in a very liberal state and it was not this bad. They must be turning in their graves right now. But my mom had a saying “Even the toilet paper to wipe your a….is political.” If she was only here in 2020 with the toilet paper shortage! I don’t know where it will end but it’s hard to stay involved and not be affected by those around us.
    All I can say is find things you love to do to stay upbeat and not get beaten down by those around us.

    1. Hi Lisa. Great to see you here! It is difficult, very difficult. The friendship thing is a strenuous one for me. When you’re speaking with someone you knew for so long and to find out that their values and beliefs are totally different than yours and you can’t find a middle place. It’s tiresome. Eventually, one or the other may give up and just part ways. I’ve had a few “friends” that were so head-strong into their beliefs that nothing else mattered. I guess I didn’t see it years ago during other presidential debates until now. It’s really ashame. But like I think we talked about and I have with others, I’d rather have a handful of friends who I can talk to and we can compromise than to constantly have to argue and debate with one.

      1. Thanks, Brenda. That makes a lot of sense. It becomes hard and uncomfortable to a point where you would rather not talk with them. It’s sad though, very sad!

  3. Wow! I so hear you Brenda. I have lost “friends” over my beliefs but I can only think of one of them who I really miss. I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist by people who refuse to get any news other than the propaganda that is spread by the MSM. It’s disheartening at times. Like you, I will stand up for our freedoms and I will speak up. Too many brave men and women have sacrificed their lives to protect our Constitution. We cannot stand idly by and allow this to happen. This is not the America we grew up in.

    1. Hi Sherryl! I’m so glad others can relate. It’s sad to hear you too have lost over all this mess. I fear it’s only going to get worse, even as much as people like you, and spread the truth. I think people don’t want to know the truth. Or possibly even afraid to admit they were wrong? I don’t know but I’m glad there are folks like you and me who will stand up for what is right. So many have fought and lost their lives for us. How dare someone let their lives mean nothing. Very sad! Appreciate you coming by and sharing. I didn’t realize you had another blog so I’ll start stalking it too! God bless girl! xo

  4. Hi Bren,

    Kelli and I have been going within a lot over the months or really, the past year. We are taking our power back because politicians, government, the news and the matrix possess an illusory power. Their power seems real, appears to be real, and feels real, but it is 100% based on our fear, subjugation and willingness not to advance spiritually and to demand full disclosure. SO uncomfortable to meditate and explore fear in our mind but goodness, is it liberating. Light and love my friend 🙂


    1. Not sure how I missed this, Ryan. My apologies for replying late. I’m glad to hear you and Kelli are taking your power back. So many of us give too much to them. I am one. I hate to see what is happening and being a verbal, emotional person, I can’t help but express my distaste for what is happening. I am trying to not give so much to them. I can’t allow them to destroy me too. 🙂 God bless both of you! Keep shining!

  5. People’s politics don’t have to be the same to agree we should all be able to speak our minds and share what we see. Change starts when we listen to each other with open minds and hearts, not blocking and pretending people who do not think like us do not exist. Keep speaking out and keep publishing! You should not be censored!
    Appreciate you!

    1. Alli! I’m so sorry I missed your comment! Ugh, I feel horrible!

      I agree, we should be able to speak our minds, as long as, we are respectable. I think that is the biggest probably nowadays. Respect isn’t seen any longer, especially among the younger generation. I feel the need to talk about this as it is a concern for so many. I try to be as “fair” as possibly but I do lean a little more one way than the other. I don’t understand why we all can’t unite and appreciate what life has given us. So terrible. I hope it’s a bit better on your side of the world. 😉

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