there are days when i just can’t & today is one of them

I don’t know if it’s because I stayed up late watching the Redskins win the NFC East Championship or if I’m just so fed up with all this political bullshit.

i just feel like i can’t today

I wanna run away to a land far away, with my pups of course, and my man-friend if he’ll come, and just escape the chaos.

Negativity is everywhere on social media and tv.

I live in horror/thriller movies, CSI, and Cops. It makes me happy.

the struggle can be real

Yesterday, I rambled on Twitter for some ungodly reason and found myself doing it this morning, while I was working from home.

It’s amazing all the bullshit that is continuously flung around social media and to be honest, only about 50% of it is true because the other 50% is being censored!

i just can’t today

I don’t know how to shake this feeling today.

Maybe it’s because I woke up with yet another sinus headache and stuff nose. This winter it started earlier than last. Probably because of stupid COVID.

Maybe it because the government is so corrupt that I don’t know how the hell we will survive? How much fight does one have to have within themselves?

i know i will anyway

I say I can’t but I know I can and I will.

That’s is part of my nature. Self-doubt. But I always end up surviving.

Regardless of current events, somehow I know I’ll survive. I just hope I still have my freedom left. What is survival without freedom?

my plan was

To start my blog and not conform to the blogging rules. And ya know what, no matter what, I’m still doing it?

Why am I conforming to the graphics rule for my blog?

Dumbass, just quit it. It doesn’t matter if you have your blog title on an image!

Maybe if you’re monetizing and playing all the SEO rules, but remember, I’m not!

So screw it! I’m retraining my brain to do it my way, the easy way, and just write.

write it out!

There will be a reader or two, I know this. For every blog, there is a reader.

blogging is therapeautic

Don’t believe me?

Well guess what! As I’m writing this post, I am actually feeling better!

I’m getting it off my chest and out of my head!

It may be nonsense to you or maybe you can relate but this is what my blog is about.


Everything matters in life! Everyone has a voice and you are allowed to use it!

Get it off your chest and move on!

Someone can relate, trust me.

They may not comment on your blog or share it, but they read it and was nodding their head “yes”, the entire read.

i can do it

yes! you can do it too!

So now is when I close this blog post and grab a few feel good images and share with you.

Time to get back to my paying job, that I’m working remotely at because of COVID, and maybe I should get dressed (out of my robe) before lunch time?

Peace and Love, y’all. Never be afraid to share with me on my blog. xo

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4 thoughts on “there are days when i just can’t & today is one of them

  1. No worries, Bren. “This too shall pass”, as they say. And yes, writing can be totally therapeutic. As for your blog, you should absolutely do it your way! Rules? What rules? πŸ˜‰

    1. Amen, girl! So tired of being told what to do. At 52, I think I should be able to do it my way. πŸ˜†

  2. Hi Bren, I hear you! I focused for a few hours with no news and it felt good. I ignored notifications and such. Then I went outdoors for a nice walk in the snow. But I did catch up later on the going-ons. We can’t totally put our heads in the sand either. We may regret it later if we did nothing and watched it all unfold sadly. Here is to a better day!

    1. You’re right. We can’t ignore it all but sometimes need a break. All the negativity really takes a toll on those with mental illness as well as the normals. I appreciate you coming by and sharing. Let’s both have a great day!

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