the big hub bub is over

time to move on she says

Christmas is behind us now. There were a few tragic incidents on Christmas Day which I’ll forever not understand the hatred in some.

Christmas of all holidays is sacred to me. Many forget the true meaning of it and quite frankly, I don’t feel obligated to educate you.

Whatever you think of Christmas, should not be hatred. There should be love and peace for all.

let’s move on

Sunday, two days after Christmas, I decided enough of the tree.

The dogs were pissed because it was right in front of one of their favorite windows to look out back.

Although both are very good about being “cautious” around our beloved tree, accidents will happen.

Yes, my boy has a pee pee problem

I wasn’t even going to put up a tree or decorations but in light of everything negative going on in the world, I decided to bring some more beauty into my sanctuary, my home.

It worked! After decorating, it actually brought some Christmas spirit into my home! Yeah!

Christmas 2020

Now, bring Santa down my chimney, drop the dogs some bones, and then bring one to momma. 😉

time to reflect on the year

I like to take the time between Christmas and the New Year to reflect on how naughty good I’ve been during the year.

Honestly, with COVID around, I was very behaved! I’m not sure if that’s a blessing or not! Wait until we got done with all these lockdowns! 🙂

My beautiful babies xo

I had a fairly good year considering events in the world. I am blessed.

I have a roof over my head.

Food in the fridge.



Good friends and family.

And my pups.

what more could you want?

Peace is a huge want need on my 2021 list.

Not sure I’ll get that but a girl’s gotta hope, right?

As many of us think of new year’s resolutions that we’ll break within 28 1/2 days of January 1, at least we have good intentions and hope that we will make something happen in the new year.

My wish, other than peace, is continued good health for me and my family. And by family, I include my closest and dearest friends.

I would make a resolution to publish more blog posts in 2021 but I’m not pressuring myself. Remember, I’m doing this blog thing my way and on my terms. I even started a Tumblr blog just so I can ramble a bit more! Did you know Tumblr was still around?

With all the censoring on social media, Facebook and Instagram, I like to have other options for the new year. I don’t post much that would be censored, but other avenues do! A lot of the news that I want to hear has been censored but let’s not go there either.

it’s good to have options

Promotion options for your blog! A place where no one knows you and you can say what you want without being condemned by family or friends without the same beliefs.

I’ve been tinkering around with Mewe. Very similar to Facebook. I kinda like it but friends are resistant to change.

I get it.

But what would happen if Facebook went away in 2021? Where would you connect?

Just know, there are always options.

Maybe a good news year’s resolution could be to open your mind a bit more and try new things?

Whether it be social media or in the real world.

I’ve already started mine.

What about you? What are your plans for the new year?

Peace & Love……

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2 thoughts on “the big hub bub is over

  1. Hi Bren, so glad you were able to get in the Christmas spirit with your tree and decorations. It looked beautiful! But I bet the dogs love the view now from the window. Hunter loves looking at the windows. I hope 2021 is a more peaceful year. I hope you have a happy and healthy 2021 Bren!

    1. Hey Lisa! As best I could get in the spirit. There were a few things missing but we can’t fret over those. Yup, Titan and Duchie are happier to have their window back and not here “Be careful around the tree, eggheads!” 🙂 Mine are always looking for the next prey. Duchie wants for cats and Titan, people. I’m praying for a peaceful 2021 as well. I don’t know if the world will find peace, but at least at my own sanctuary, there will be.Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Great to see you here!

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