it’s normal to feel lonely at times

I get tired of being alone sometimes.

I know it’s probably normal. I’ve been divorced a bit over 3 years now. The first year I dated and dated all the wrong men. I took a year off, and then started again.

Trust me, the options for 50+ and over men is difficult.

I know we all have baggage but damn, the men I ran into all had baggage and needs! What ever happened to good old friendship? Friendship that leads to something more?

sometimes i get lonely

I’m generally alright being alone. But there are times that I wish my man-friend would be around. He has his own priorities, I get that. But there are times that I want him around and he can’t be.

I’m trying not to be selfish but we are in a pandemic right now, very limited on who we are around, and dating is hard enough in itself.

But when I think of having a man around full-time, it kind of makes me cringe!

I’ve gotten used to having my home to myself.

Coming and going as I please and doing what I want, how I want to, and when I want to. Yes, I feel the longer I am single, I am damaging myself for a future long-term relationship.

the loneliness gets to me

Especially on the weekends. I know it shouldn’t. I have plenty to do around my home and with having two 70+ pound dogs around, you think I wouldn’t have time for anything else.

But I do and a woman has needs.

I’m talking companionship.

Sex is great and all but sometimes you just like to have that companion to hang out with, talk about everything under the sun, laugh and enjoy one another’s company.

how do i fix it

Absolutely no clue. My man-friend and I aren’t ready for that type of “live in” relationship. However, I would like to see him more than I do. That would fill the loneliness void I feel from time to time.

The feeling doesn’t last for long and then I move onto something else that I enjoy.

Taking care of domestics.

Playing with my pups.

Chillin’ and remembering how thankful I am to have escaped such a dysfunctional marriage.

sometimes i feel lonely

and other times i feel at peace.

The loneliness passes. I talk to someone on the phone or online. You know, I have many friends that live inside my laptop! πŸ˜‰

Keeping myself occupied takes away the loneliness but sometimes it’s good to just feel lonely.

It grounds me.

It makes me appreciate what I have, where I’ve been, and where I’m going.

Muwah! xo

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4 thoughts on “it’s normal to feel lonely at times

  1. For me too, since my separation I’ve experienced a lot of loneliness and a companion sounds great. But of my goodness there is a lot of creepy guys out there so I’m trying to be patient. πŸ˜‚

    1. πŸ˜† Creepy can’t even begin to explain the duds I went out with. However, it is going to make for good blog posts! Hang in there, Amanda. It does get better!

  2. I totally get this…especially the cringe part. Looking forward to following your blog, Bren😊

    1. Hey Dwight and glad you can relate! 😁 Appreciate the new follow as well, I’ll be stalking you. πŸ˜„

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