5 things i’m totally addicted to

We all have things we love but sometimes it goes a little bit higher than “love”. I’m talking “addiction”, but in a good way. Is that even possible?

Addiction can be a serious word, but I’m talking of it in a “fun” kind of way. These are things I love and pretty much would refuse to give up. These things make me happy, give me comfort, and make my world a much better place.

Let’s take a look!

my dogs

My pups are my pride and joy. They keep me going and bring so much love into my life, especially being a single dog mom.

Dogs can be very therapeutic. My boy, Titan, has been with me for 11 years now. He has been my rock through so many hard and emotional times, including my divorce and the death of my other dog, Zue Zue.

Duchess has been with me for a couple years now. She had a very hard life prior to me. My mission is to show her as much love as I can and let her live the life she deserves. She’s my Valentine’s baby, as I adopted her on that day.

I can’t explain the bond I have with my dogs because unless you are a dog mom, you can’t imagine how strong it can be. I would fight for my dogs. When I got divorced, there was no question on who was getting the dogs. Don’t even go there!

They are like innocent children who can’t fend for themselves. They need us and in return we get companionship and unconditional love.

They are my #1 priority in my life. So much so that as a single woman, you have to pass the “Dog” test like you would the “kid” test. Thankfully, in 3 years, I’ve only introduced one man to them. Titan, my protector and mentally challenged pup, is still unsure of my man friend but I’m sure he’ll come around soon.

Love me – Love my dogs!


PlutoTv is an online streaming channel. I have a ROKU, which I love, and PlutoTv is a free app on there.

There is a wide variety of tv, movies, news, and entertainment shows on there. Even OnDemand!

By far, my favorites include Cops, CSI: Miami, NewsMax, the Horror/Thriller channel and a few others than I may even be embarrassed to mention.

As far as free tv goes, it’s pretty damn good! If I was ever forced (which I’m not a fan of) to give up Cable Tv, it’s good to know as long as I have internet, I have PlutoTV!


This is a new one. It started about 5 years ago and the addiction has gotten much worse! I’m talking green olives. Black ones are alright but the Green are that much more Yum!

You can get the small green olives, the queen olives which are bangin, and the jalapeano stuff green jumbo olives! <—Highly recommend!

I find myself craving these mainly at night. I’ll be laying in bed watching tv and BOOM! My mouth alarm goes off and I’m headed to the kitchen for a snack!

Wish I could explain it! Something about them just helps me sleep that much better. Kind of like some people and a warm glass of milk, I suppose.


Another salty addiction with a cheezy bang! There are so many flavors of Cheez-its out there nowadays. And when I say Cheez-its, I talking the BRAND, Cheez-its.

By far, the extra toasted are to scream for! Just ask my pups! I can’t sit down and eat some Cheez-its without them sitting in front me me with drool coming out of there mouth! Mind you, they only get a couple because I don’t like giving them people food nor food that is salty like that.

But if you could see their faces, you would cave too!


Chicken wings! I spent 14 years working at a Poultry plant. You’d think I’d hate chicken after seeing them go from farm to truck to kill room to processing to grocery store.

Yeah, sorry about that picture.

It did take me almost a year after seeing the whole production before I would eat it again.

But onto chicken wings, the hotter the better. Although, years ago I did try some “suicide” wings and I couldn’t even eat them. The smell of them burnt my lips! I can’t even image what it would have done to my insides if I ate them!

But there are other flavors I love too! Since getting my Secura Air Fryer, making wings is easy peasy! I’m made lemon-pepper, barbeque, hot (Texas Pete), and Tatanka (special sauce).

I can sit and eat wings with blue cheese, ranch, and celery for hours (just like I can crabs)! And if you just so happen to be drinking a beer, they go down that much easier!


I’ve been working remotely at home since March 2019 due to the COVID pandemic. I do go into my actual office about twice a week for a few hours just to take care of the mail and other essentials I can’t do from home.

Thank goodness I had a home office set up already!

But since working remotely, I’ll admit, I have gotten slack. I never had to dress up for work and worse mostly jeans. But now that I’m home, it’s so easy to throw on a hoodie and leggings (now that it’s winter time) and in the summer, I rocked shorts/leggings and a tank top.

Thank goodness I don’t have to ZOOM anyone.

But the comfort leggings give you is just phenomenal! I mean, I love my pajama’s, especially winter ones. They are warm and fuzzy. But throw on leggings with fuzzy socks and I am a working machine!

these are just a few of my favs

Maybe I’ll be tempted to share some more of them with you at a later time.

We all have addictions and things we’d absolutely NOT want to do without. Care to share a few of yours with me?

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3 thoughts on “5 things i’m totally addicted to

  1. I am so with you on almost all of your “addictions.” But my adored babies are my cats but like you they have saved my sanity and so much more. I can’t imagine life without them, especially my baby Betty.

    1. There is nothing like the love from an animal, especially dogs and cats. I’ve had cats in the past and they too were such a comfort during the worst moments in my life. Kisses to your babies!

      1. Ahhh, thanks from my furry babies

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