how many times have you said i’ll never do it again?

I smiled at the thought of blogging again.

It has been about 3 years now and I’m in a very different, yet better place.

I missed all the networking with so many wonderful people from around the world.
Learning about them and their experiences via their blogs and other social media outlets.

As I prepared to think of a catchy blog name, it all came flooding back to me.

are you f’ing crazy?

Do you remember all the stress of trying to keep up with the full-time bloggers. Being on every social media outlet out there. Replying on other’s blog posts and sharing their content while trying to think up my own content, create images, the SEO nightmare, and all the political bs that went along with blogging etiquette?

yes, i do remember

And it will be different this time.

I have no intention on monetizing my blog.

I have no intention on dealing with SEO and all the blogging etiquette that goes along with being a full-time, marketing blogger.

I have no intention of conforming to the “norms” of blogging.

I actually even considered creating my blog on Blogger. You know ****, however, nowadays I am vetoing everything to do with Google, which….includes Blogger.

So, here I am again. A veteran blogger of 8 years, a veteran web designer of 5 years, and now have come out of my sabbatical to blog my way.

never thought it would happen but 2020 has been a helluva year

Stranger things have happened this year so why not start another blog to occupy a tiny part of my life.

So much has happened in 3 years that I’d just love to share it with you, with anyone, who’s willing to hop on my blog page and read it.

We can learn from each other’s experiences, heal from them, and support one another.

That is what I was good for in the past. Uniting women bloggers and sharing life experiences.

I’m sure it may be different now and as I searched for spme of my previous blogging buddies, I see they have moved on. Not blogging anymore or have turned around the niche and are full-time marketing guru’s now.

Good for them!

But what about the hobby blogger who really doesn’t give a rats ass* about all that and just wants to write?

i’ll find you

I’ve already started finding a few goodies and plan on connecting more!

However, blogging will not consume my life this time.

This time it is for fun.

Don’t harass me. Don’t send me emails of hate mail. Just let me have my fun.

Hope you’ll join along with me.

If you’d like me to join you, drop me a note below.

Peace & Love…………

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11 thoughts on “how many times have you said i’ll never do it again?

  1. This is so good. I’ve also gone back to just blogging for the love of blogging and connecting on Surprising Lives. It feels good doesn’t it. Farewell SEO hoops!

    1. Damn right, it feels great! Although I’ve already been catching myself trying to confirm to the rules! But I promised myself to blog for fun, no stress, and make friends. I’m so glad you are doing it as well! Thanks for subscribing and commenting!

      1. Although Surprising Lives is still on my self hosted account I deleted toast and boy it felt good 😂

        1. Haha I can imagine! You go girl!

  2. Bren, good deal my friend. I have been at this for 12 years and just had a serious reboot recently. I had to largely let go any intents in specific regards to be more detached and relaxed about it all. Blogging is fun when we blog almost solely for fun but becomes not fun at all, when we do it mainly for work and money. Of course, the money comes more easily when we blog to have fun helping, serving and connecting with people.


    1. Hey Ryan! I can totally agree with you! When I was blogging for my side business, it became more of a job than anything and I lost interest quickly. You have the knack of looking like you’re having a blast doing it. We could all be so lucky. 🙂 I decided I just wanted a place of my own to blog about whatever I wanted to and do it my way. The heck with SEO and all that other stuff. Following “guidelines” took the fun out of it for me too. I’m hoping to keep this fun and when it, if ever, becomes blah, then I’ll have to reboot like you. Fab to see you here!

  3. But what about the hobby blogger who really doesn’t give a rat’s ass?

    ~raising hand~ I’m still here Bren. ☺ Glad you’re back! 🍸

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I’m going it slow but it feels good to write again and reconnect with y’all! Btw, what are you using for a reader now days?

        1. Cool, thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out what is best! I’ll check it out! 😉

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